IP Leuven (BELGIUM) 1991

Period | April 2-13, 1991
Host University | Institute for Urban and regional Planning, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Local coordinator | Louis Albrechts

Study Area, General Theme and Topics

The study area of the second edition of the IP in Leuven remained the Limburg region in Belgium, a mining region hit by economic restructuring. The theme/title was ‘Regional development planning. The case of a declining industrial region: Limburg’. Four topics were selected:

  1. Regional development and planning;
  2. Industrial linkages and services;
  3. Labour market and dynamics;
  4. Spatial planning.


  • Institute for Urban and Regional Planning, Catholic University of Leuven, BELGIUM
    • Louis Albrechts
    • Piet Van Wunnick
  • Faculty of Social and Economic Science, University of Lille, FRANCE
    • Frank Moulaert
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of the Basque Country, SPAIN
    • Ricardo Alaez
  • Department of City and Regional Planning, University of Wales at Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Phil Cooke