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Project Summary

The research project aims the formulation of an alternative model for local innovative development (also called: an Alternative Models for Local Innovative Development alternative model of local innovation or ALMOLIN) especially stressing the role of governance dynamics. This model should be based on a multi-dimensional concept of social innovation, combining various views of this notion. It should allow for a proper dialogue between institutional economics and sociology, territorial innovation models and institutionalist planning.

Four objectives are identified:

  • This project will complete and integrate partial evaluations of the Territorial Innovation Models (TIM) against the background of the needs for a multi-dimensional approach to social innovation. It will determine the social content of all dimensions of governance utilised in the various TIM models : social capital, institutional, capability, networking, culture, and communication values.
  • This project will provide a structured overview of the literature on Alternative Models of Local Innovation. It will combine the strong dimensions of each of the literatures into the ALMOLIN model. This model will not be a deterministic structure for innovation strategies, but a structured set of guidelines on how to foster innovative dynamics, especially bye looking at governance dynamics.
  • This project will survey and evaluate and especially by checking their social innovative content – Integrated Area Development (IAD) and social economy initiatives for each of the countries and metropolises involved in the research. For most countries, such surveys are not available.
  • This project will show the strategic importance of social innovation (multidimensional development agendas, satisfaction of human needs of disintegrated or excluded communities, innovation in governance by involvement of various sectors of civil society) to successful local development in disintegrated areas. It will provide evidence to the European Commission of the need to establish governance links between various policy-making levels and civil society.