ESDP Alumni network

The students from the past programmes in Lille and Newcastle have formulated various year-groups to keep in touch and share knowledge and ideas. There also exists a larger network that brings all the alumni together on one platform. This alumni network has an active and dedicated mailing list ( that facilitates mutual dialogue, discussion and future academic and research opportunities besides sharing common interests and experiences.

The alumni network members regularly participate in international conferences and seminars. Every year, network representatives offer an information session to the current IMSDP students about their personal and collectives experiences of the programme and the life after.

In 2009, the alumni network in cooperation with MESHS-CNRS Lille and European Spatial Development Planning Network (ESDP-Netwrok), arranged special sessions and funded travel and subsistence for the alumni who participated in international conference ‘Contemporary Society and Cultural Shifts in Public Policy’ at University of Aveiro, Portugal (22-23 June). The alumni continue to hold special workshop sessions at various European and international conferences.

The alumni network membership currently exceeds 120. It continues to grow with new scholars attending the programme every year.

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