“A lot can be said about the experience that the Ankara 2013 IP was for me. It took me absolutely by surprise !

On the first lectures we were warned about the amount on work the IP would involve, in the same sentence with the amount of joy we would find in it. I must admit I was, to say the least, sceptical about it. But in the last remaining days of the IP I came to realize that the professors were absolutely right: we loved it. We worked almost day and night (especially during the last few day – those ‘clarity’ days) and I loved every second of it.

It is difficult to compress in coherent sentences all the richness Ankara 2013 gave me: the opportunity to compare ideas with colleagues coming from different corners of the world, to build concepts – or at least draw first sketches – while constantly negotiating and disputing in a constructive manner, and the opportunity to benefit from the presence and guidance of exceptional tutors, people I only read about until coming to Ankara.

And on top of all this, I gained friends! Something spectacular happened while thinking and working and again thinking and working for 12 days, as we became a real team and as we became friends. The late nights dealing with the project, putting together a common effort to develop ideas, and the laughter that accompanied the work glued us one to the other. Different individuals, from different countries and different backgrounds, now friends, people that I now miss and look forward to meeting soon!

Thank you, professor, for the patience you had with us, thank you for the valuable guidance you provided along the project and thank you for being  part of our group in IP Ankara 2013 !”

Testimonial by A.I

“It was a great experience. Here are, in my opinion, the most important features of this programme:

– The multi-cultural & multi-disciplinary teamwork brought distinctive perspectives to the forefront that enriched my experience and broadened my mind.

– I liked the openness of the research frame of the workshop providing us the freedom to develop new methodologies and analytical frames for spatial planning.

– I was amazed by the number of friends I made in less than two weeks. I think this was possible due to the humour in the studio that was set by the organizers and tutors.

– Pedagogically speaking, I learned to quickly organize my thoughts/ideas and read the local context by prioritizing the key factors for the issues of interest in a short span of time.

Thank you for everything.”

Testimonial by S. S.

“For me, the most special thing in the IP experience was to share debate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It was very enriching! And, of course, the very good vibrations between all of us after two weeks of hard work.

Many thanks for this opportunity.”

Testimonial by R. M.

“There are many things that I liked about the IP in Ankara. One of the things that I liked most was the experience of working with such a diverse group of people in a team that became like my family for those short two weeks. I feel that I learned so much from all of them in academic but also in personal aspects. I hope you continue with this workshop for a long time, so more people can experience what we lived in Ankara. I will never forget it!

Thank you very much also to you Professor for guiding us during our work. Your attention on the important details and your dedication were key factors for our presentation and report! Also for the care you showed for everyone of us, reflected in your wish to hear what we all had to say individually!”

Testimonial by M. P.

“The IP Ankara 2013 was a great experience at both the scientific and social levels. I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend and contribute. It was a great achievement. Working in groups of eight students from different educational backgrounds and nationalities was indeed very interesting and a unique experience. The support and readiness from the academic tutors and organisers was fantastic.”

Testimonial by A. G.

“Interlacing backgrounds, languages, stories of students from all overEurope. With a near, concrete, stimulating aim. Thanks to the aid of skilful team of professors. In the different and exciting setting of an unknown city in an unknown geographical, cultural and social context. I learned a lot and I had a great time.”

Testimonial by R. F.

“It has been a great experience from many points of view. The chance to work in an inter-disciplinary team made the IP to be more and more interesting: it was a hard work to mediate so many heads and so different fields of training, but at the end we had many satisfactions and feedbacks! From a social point of view, I met wonderful people, and the hospitality was excellent: we had the chance to know a surprising place and university. A very interesting place where to work!”

Testimonial by A. S.

“First of all I have to say that it was an unforgettable experience for my curriculum vitae.It was definitely an incredible professional chance to improve our skills, because all of us had the opportunity to share opinions and to exchange our competences going forward together as a group and to implement the project.

Moreover in my opinion the most important achievement was to feel we were a really efficient and cohese work team even if we came from different countries and cultural backgrounds.”

From the human point of view I would like to stress that I made lots of friends.”

Testimonial by M. S.
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