Maros Finka

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Maros Finka is University Professor in Spatial Planning and Director of the Central for European Research and Training Centre in Spatial Planning SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU. He is the member of national and international scientific and advisory boards, of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning in Hannover, the chairman of the SPA-CE.NET – Network of Spatial Research Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. His expertise includes sustainable and smart spatial development and planning, strategic and territorial planning.

  • Innovations in European spatial development and planning (instruments, methods, policies, cross-border planning, polycentric multilevel governance, decision making under uncertainty)
  • Smart sustainable spatial/urban development (challenges, effects, requirements of knowledge based economy/society regarding the spatial/urban functional and physical structures, spatial infrastructure for knowledge based society and economy, urban transition/regeneration and brownfields` redevelopment)
  • Resilience of socio-ecosystems, external shocks and strategic impact assessment

Research Publications

  • Finka, M. (2015) State-of-the-Art Planning – Slovakia. In : disP – The Planning Review I/2015, Taylor and Francis,  ISSN 0251-3625 (Print), 2166-8604 (Online)

  • Finka, M., Kluvankova, T., Ondrejicka, V. (2015) Concept of soft polycentric governance for fuzzy soft spaces as a challenge for Central European peripheral spaces. In: Lang, T., Henn, S., Sbignev, W.,Ehrlich, K. (Eds.) Understanding Geographies of Polarization and Peripheralization Perspectives from Central and Eastern Europe and Beyond, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN : 9781137415073.

  • Finka, M., Kluvánková, T. (2015) Managing complexity of urban systems: A polycentric approach. Land Use Policy 42 (2015) 602-608, Elsevier, ISSN: 0264-8377

  • BÖHME, Kai – FINKA, Maroš – GUSTEDT, Evelyn – SCHÖN, Peter – SIELKER, Franziska – ZILLMER, Sabine (2014)  Response to the european consultation on the future of the Europe 2020 strategy. In Position paper of the ARL. No. 101 (2014), s.1-5. ISSN 1611-9983.

  • FINKA, Maroš (2014)  Educating planners in Europe: a review of 21st century study programmes: 4.5 Slovakia. In Progress in Planning. no. 91 (2014), s. 68-73. ISSN 0305-9006.

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  • Finka, Maroš – Petríková, Dagmar (2013)  From planning to management in land re-use and brownfield regeneration. In: Innowacyjne rozwiazania : rewitalizacji terenów zdegradowanych. – Katowice : Instytut ekologii terenów uprzemyslowionych,  ISBN 978-83-930319-9-3. pp. 211-219

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