Marisol Garcia

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PhD. in Sociology and Social Anthropology (University Hull, PhD, 1984); Doctor in Geography and History (University of Barcelona, 1984). Full Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociological Theory at the University of Barcelona. She has been president of the Research Committee 21 on Urban and Regional Research within the International Sociological Association. She has taught courses on urban sociology, citizenship, urban governance, citizenship and migration and citizenship and social innovation among others.

Social inequality and citizenship at the national and local levels. Southern European welfare regimes and democracy. Comparative analysis on issues that challenge citizenship, such as unemployment and poverty. Policies  against social exclusion.  Citizenship and the European social model. Social Innovation, Governance and Social Cohesion in European Cities.

Research Publications

  • 2015 Garcia, M . Eizaguirre, S., M.Pradel . ‘Social Innovation and creativity in cities: a socially inclusive governance approach in two peripheral spaces of Barcelona’ in City, Culture and Society (forthcoming).

  • 2013 Pradel, M. M, Garcia & S. Eizaguirre, (2013) ‘Theorizing multi-level governance in social innovation dynamics’, in F. Moulaert, D. MacCallum , A. Mehmood , A. Hamdouch (eds) The International Handbook of Social Innovation. Chentelham. Edward Elgar. pp: 155-168.

  • 2012 Degen, M & Garcia. ‘The Transformation of the ‘Barcelona model’: An Analysis of Culture, Urban Regeneration and Governance’ in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Volume 36 (5), pp: 1022-1038.

  • 2012 García, M & D. Judd. The Competitive City in The (Oxford) Handbook of Urban Politics. Oxford. Oxford University Press.

  • 2012 Body-Gendrot, S., García, M & E. Mingione ‘Comparative Social Transformations in Urban Regimes’ in A. Sales (Editor) Sociology Today. Social Transformations in a Globalizing World. L.A. London. Sage Studies in International Sociology. pp: 359-378.

  • 2012 Cano, A & M Garcia ‘Políticas de acción comunitaria en las periferias urbanas: Problemas de transferibilidad’ en Gestión y Política Pública. Volumen temático. pp: 131-157.

  • 2010 Garcia, M ‘A breakdown in the Spanish urban growth model: social and territorial effects of the global crisis’. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 30 (4); pp: 967-80.

  • 2006 Garcia, M. ‘Citizenship Practices and Urban Governance in European Cities’, Urban Studies, vol 43, no 4, pp: 745-765.

  • 2006 Garcia, M. and N. Karakatzanis, ‘Social Policy, Democracy and Citizenship in Southern Europe’, in R. Gunther, N. Diamandouros and D. A. Sotiropoulos (eds) Democracy and the State in Southern Europe, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

  • 2005 Garcia, M. ‘Minimum Income Policies to Combat Poverty: Local Practices and Social Justice in the “European Social Model”’ in Y. Kazepov (ed) Cities of Europe. Changing Contexts, Local Arrangements and the Challenge to Urban Cohesion, Oxford, Blackwell.