Gideon Bolt

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Gideon Bolt is an Assistant Professor of Urban Geography and Methods & Techniques at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Bolt is one of the coordinators of the working group Housing and Minority Ethnic Groups of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR). He is an editor of the Journal of Housing and the Built Environment and Tijdschrift voor de Volkshuisvesting (Housing Sector Journal). He is member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the FP7 project DIVERCITIES (

  1. Residential segregation and social mixing policies
  2. Residential mobility, housing careers and displacement
  3. The effects of (hyper)diversity on social cohesion and social mobility

Research Publications

  • 2008    Bolt, G., R. van Kempen & M. van Ham, Minority ethnic groups in the Dutch housing market: spatial segregation, relocation dynamics and housing policy. Urban Studies, 45(7), 1359-1384.

  • 2009    Bolt, G., Combating residential segregation of ethnic minorities in European cities. Journal of Housing and the BuiltEnvironment, 24 (4), 397-405.

  • 2009    Permentier, M., Van Ham, M. & G. Bolt  Neighbourhood reputation and the intention to leave the neighbourhood. Environment and Planning A, 41 (9), 2162-2180.

  • 2010    Bolt, G. & R. van Kempen, Ethnic segregation and residential mobility: relocations of minority ethnic groups in the Netherlands.Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 36 (2), 333-354.

  • 2010    Bolt, G., Phillips, D. & R. van Kempen, Housing policy, (de)segregation and social mixing: an international perspective. Housing Studies, 25 (2), 129-135.

  • 2011    Permentier, M., Bolt, G. & M. van Ham, Determinants of neighbourhood satisfaction and perception of neighbourhood reputation. Urban Studies, 48 (5), 977-996.

  • 2012    Bolt, G., Özüekren, A.S. & Phillips, D. (eds.), Linking Integration and Residential Segregation. London & New York: Routledge.

  • 2013    Bolt, G. & R. van Kempen, Introduction Special Issue: Mixing Neighbourhoods: Success or Failure? Cities, 35, 391-452.

  • 2014    Kleinhans, R.J. & G. Bolt More than just fear: on the intricate interplay between perceived neighborhood disorder, collective efficacy and action. Journal of Urban Affairs 36 (3), 420-446.

  • 2015    Visser, K., Bolt, G., & van Kempen, R. ‘Come and live here and you’ll experience it’: youths talk about their deprived neighbourhood. Journal of Youth Studies, 18(1), 36-52.