Dina Vaiou

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Ph.D. in Urban Planning at the University of London – UCL; Full Professor of Urban Analysis and Gender Studies at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Among the newest members of the ESDP network. Teaches Elements of Urban Planning, Mutations of ideas about the city from the 20th to the 21st century, Gendered approaches to urban space.

Feminist critiques of urban analysis, the changing features of local labour markets, with special emphasis on women’s work and informalisation processes, the impact of mass migration on Southern European cities and women’s migration in particular, the effects of crisis on urban neighbourhoods. Main area of study Athens, in a Southern European perspective.

Research Publications

  • Vaiou, D. 2014, “Tracing aspects of the Greek crisis in Athens: putting women in the picture”, European Urban and Regional Studies, online first, March 26.

  • Vaiou, D. 2014, “Is the crisis in Athens (also) gendered? Facets of access and (in)visibility in everyday public spaces”, City, 18: 4-5, pp.533-538

  • Konstantatos, H., Siatitsa, D., Vaiou, D. 2013, “Qualitative approaches for the study of socially innovative initiatives”, in F. Moulaert et al (eds) The international handbook on social innovation, Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar, pp.274-284

  • Vaiou, D. 2013, “Neighbourhoods in the city centre: narratives and scales of coexistence in Kypseli”, in Th. Maloutas et al (eds) The centre of Athens as a political stake, Athens: EKKE, pp. 171-188 (in Greek)

  • Vaiou, D. Hadjimichalis, C. (2012), Space in Left thought, Athens: nissos (in Greek).

  • Vaiou, D. (2012) “Gendered mobilities and border-crossings: from Elbasan to Athens”, Gender, Place and Culture, 19:2, pp. 249-262.

  • Kalandides, A., Vaiou, D. (2012) “‘Ethnic’ neighbourhoods? Practices of belonging and claims to the city”, European Urban and Regional Studies, 19:3, pp. 254-266.

  • Vaiou, D. (2010) “Gender, migration and socio-spatial transformations in Southern European cities”, in A. Pike, A. Rodríguez-Pose, J. Tomaney (eds) Handbook of Local and Regional Development, London: Routledge, pp. 470-482.

  • Vaiou, D., Kalandides, A. (2009) “Cities of ‘others’: public space and everyday practices”, Geografica Helvetica, 1/2009, pp. 11-20.

  • Vaiou, D. Stratigaki, M. (eds) 2009, The Gender of Migration, Athens: Metaixmio (in Greek)