Testimonial by A.I

Testimonial by A.I

“A lot can be said about the experience that the Ankara 2013 IP was for me. It took me absolutely by surprise!

On the first lectures we were warned about the amount on work the IP would involve, in the same sentence with the amount of joy we would find in it. I must admit I was, to say the least, sceptical about it. But in the last remaining days of the IP I came to realize that the professors were absolutely right: we loved it. We worked almost day and night (especially during the last few day – those ‘clarity’ days) and I loved every second of it.


It is difficult to compress in coherent sentences all the richness Ankara 2013 gave me: the opportunity to compare ideas with colleagues coming from different corners of the world, to build concepts – or at least draw first sketches – while constantly negotiating and disputing in a constructive manner, and the opportunity to benefit from the presence and guidance of exceptional tutors, people I only read about until coming to Ankara.


And on top of all this, I gained friends! Something spectacular happened while thinking and working and again thinking and working for 12 days, as we became a real team and as we became friends. The late nights dealing with the project, putting together a common effort to develop ideas, and the laughter that accompanied the work glued us one to the other. Different individuals, from different countries and different backgrounds, now friends, people that I now miss and look forward to meeting soon!


Thank you, professor, for the patience you had with us, thank you for the valuable guidance you provided along the project and thank you for being  part of our group in IP Ankara 2013!”