Maurizio Garano has left us

Our dear friend and colleague Maurizio Garano has left us. He worked for most of his carreer at the former Department of Environmental and Planning Studies of the University of Reggio Calabria. An economist by training, he embraced urban and regional planning, with particular attention to development policies and programmes, environmental evaluation methods, and the Mezzogiorno. He joined the ESDP Network from its very beginning in 1989 and participated in the building of the core partnership through the Erasmus programme, attending organisational meeting and contributing to the European Module in Spatial Development Planning and Intensive programmes.

Besides being an accomplished scholar, Maurizio was a wonderful friend. We remember his skewed smile and warm eyes, always with a spark of benevolent irony, his humour, his great and informed conversations, his company over a good meal and glass of wine or grappa, his wonderful hospitality in Rome (with his wife Maria Teresa and daughters Francesca and Claudia). Always elegant, a bit detached, a Tuscan cigar (fortunately unlit most of the time) in his hand. An Italian gentleman.

We mourn him and will miss him.

Farewell, Maurizio, you will always be in our hearts.

The ESDP Network