Applying to the European Module

In this section you will find all the information you may require for applying to the Intensive Programme.

  •  Post‐graduate students (Ph.D. and II level Master) and other academic fellows (Post‐Doctoral and Research fellows).
  •  Practitioners (professionals and civil servants) who wish to improve their research capabilities.


For applicants whose first language is not English, IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 575 or sufficient proof of language proficiency is required.

The European Module is a postgraduate course. If  certain requirements are met, a Post-graduate Certificate is conferred.

The deadline for applications is mid December of each year.

Detailed information about different application modalities, contents and timing of the programme  (i.e. the Programme Handbook and the Calendar of the oncoming programme ) are available at the ESDP website Download section. The information is generally posted around December of each year.

The programme starts at the beginning of March.

The programme  runs over a three (3) month  period.

A. Candidates that are registered at universities that are partners of the ESDP network.

If they come as Exchange Student (no fee required), once they have got in touch and have been cleared by their university contact person, they have to comply with the procedure detailed at the following link:[1]

HOWEVER, if they want to obtain the full ‘EMSDP Post-Graduate Certificate’ (fee is required) they have to follow the procedure for ‘degree seeking’:

B. K.U. Leuven students

They should get in touch with the programme coordinator P. Van den Broeck:

C. Other candidates

Master and Ph.D. students, Post-doctoral fellows, Researchers, Professionals, and Civil servants from non-partner institutions have to follow the procedure for ‘degree seeking’:

Fees are waived for KU Leuven and ESDP network exchange students. For other students the tuition fee is: 1750 €. (Fees may be subject to minor variations) Exchange students wishing to obtain the Certificate must pay the tuition fee.

View detailed information on the structure, programme& activities in the EMSDP Methodology Section.Successful completion of the programme and positive course assessment by the supervisors leads to the award of 30 ECTS credits. The course and research work covered by this certificatecan be fully validated within a Ph.D. study programme.

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